Smile Makeover
  • See a preview of your new smile beforehand
  • Attain your dream smile by combining treatments
  • Look younger & feel more confident
Restore Your Smile’s Beauty

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Get a Completely New Look With a Smile Makeover in Gilbert

Dr. Scott Condie loves doing smile makeovers because it allows him the opportunity to restore his patients’ confidence and give them a new outlook on life. There’s nothing quite like a Gilbert smile makeover to help you feel like a new person. With Dr. Condie’s skills and experience, you can:

  • Smile more boldly in public
  • Make better first impressions when socializing
  • Earn more respect in your professional life
  • Feel better about your overall appearance
  • Keep romantic moments more relaxed and enjoyable

Don’t let life pass you by while you hide your smile! Call Scott Condie Dentistry today at 480-485-7585 to schedule your consultation. Be sure to ask us if we have any current specials on smile makeovers.

Give Yourself a Boost With a Smile Rehabilitation

Dr. Condie and our team will go all out for your smile makeover. Here’s how the process will work:

  • You’ll look through smile catalogs so you can pick just the look you want.
  • We’ll discuss your smile goals in detail and help you decide on the specifics.
  • Our team will put together a smile preview and/or a wax model to show you what your new smile will look like.
  • We’ll make any needed adjustments to the plan based on this preliminary model.
  • We’ll perform your treatment and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Below are some of the choices you’ll have for your smile treatment. We’ll cover all your options in detail during your consultation:

  • Dental Veneers – These thin shells quickly hide many types of smile flaws.
  • Teeth Whitening – Choose either in-office or at-home treatment to fit your needs.
  • Tooth Bonding – We can repair cracks, chips, small gaps, and more with composite resin.
  • Teeth Contouring and Crown Lengthening – These quick treatments can make a big impact on your smile.
  • Gum Reshaping – Give your gums a more aesthetic appearance in just one appointment.
  • Gum Recession Treatment – This is your answer for lost gum tissue that detracts from your smile’s appearance.
  • Snap-On Smile – Get a custom mouthpiece that will instantly give you a gorgeous grin.
  • Invisalign and ClearCorrect – These orthodontic solutions will straighten your smile in months, not years.

To get started on your Gilbert smile makeover, call Scott Condie Dentistry today at 480-485-7585 for a consultation.


Common Questions About Smile Makeover

What is a smile makeover?

The answer to this question depends on your goals, budget, and dental health needs. Smile makeovers are completely customized, which means you and your dentist will talk about the changes you’d like to make to your teeth and gums and then agree on a cosmetic treatment plan that will give you the results you want! It might involve teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, teeth contouring, gum reshaping, veneers, and discreet orthodontics.

How long does a smile makeover take?

Some treatments can be completed in a single visit to our office. Others, like certain kinds of dental implants or orthodontic treatment, may take months. Once we determine which services will best suit your smile, we can create a treatment schedule. We’ll do whatever we can to give you great results in the shortest time possible!

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Without first performing an exam and working up a treatment plan together, it is difficult to give you an accurate cost for your smile makeover. Many factors will play into your cost, including the number and kind of treatments your smile needs. We encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can get the process started on your smile makeover.

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