Regain Healthy Pink Gums With Gum Disease Treatment in Gilbert

Gum disease has been referred to as the “silent killer” because in its early stages it often doesn’t display any symptoms you might notice at home. However, catching and treating gum disease early on is crucial to the health of your gums and your teeth. It affects your overall health too, as gum infection has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Gilbert gum disease treatment from Scott Condie Dentistry can help you:

  • Maintain healthy gums that look attractive
  • Put an end to bleeding gums when you brush or floss
  • Improve the quality of your breath
  • Prevent gum recession and tooth loss
  • Reduce your risk of adverse health effects linked to gum disease

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Take Care of Your Smile With Our Gum Treatment

At your routine dental cleanings and exams, we always check for signs of gum disease. The reason is simple – almost half of adults ages 30-64 have some form of gum disease. That’s a lot of smiles that are in potential danger! If we find evidence of gum disease during your exam, we’ll make recommendations for treatment depending on your circumstances and the stage of disease you’re in:

  • Laser Gum Disease Treatment – Dr. Condie will use a gentle, low-power laser to remove built-up bacteria, plaque, and tartar from around and below your gumline. The treatment quickly and comfortably reduces inflammation and promotes healing.
  • Scaling and Root Planing – This is the classic gum disease treatment. We’ll use special instruments to scale (remove) build-up around your gumline, then we’ll smooth your tooth roots to discourage the regrowth of bacteria.
  • Perio Protect® – Your treatment may require the use of custom trays and a special medication you use at home. Perio Protect is a great way to keep gum disease away in between checkups.

Call us today at 480-485-7585 for gum disease treatment in Gilbert. We look forward to helping you enjoy the healthiest gums possible!