Our Team Focuses on Relieving Dental Anxiety in Gilbert

It’s natural to be a little nervous about coming to see the dentist. Dr. Condie enjoys treating his patients to excellent care and is on a first name basis with many of them. However, that may not be enough for you to relax during your visit. Our team prioritizes relieving dental anxiety in Gilbert so you can have a positive dental experience. Our gentle treatment will help you:

  • Relax and get the essential dental care your smile needs to thrive
  • Avoid the need for more extensive dental work down the road
  • Alleviate your dental anxiety about future dental visits
  • Avoid unforeseen dental emergencies

We invite you to come into Scott Condie Dentistry for relaxing dental care. Call our friendly team today at 480-485-7585 to schedule your appointment. Be sure to ask about our sedation options when you call.

Our Compassionate Team Will Help Your Smile Shine

We understand if you have some dental anxiety, as surveys show that most Americans have at least a little apprehension about their dental visits. However, Dr. Condie and our team want you to know we’ll do all we can to help you relax during your time with us. We’ll offer you dental sedation, if desired, that will help you relax. Dr. Condie is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), so you can trust him to administer your sedation with precision and expertise.

Your choices for sedation here include:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation – You’ll take a small pill before your treatment that will help diminish your worries about dental care.
  • Inhaled Sedation – Often used with oral sedation, you’ll breathe in a pleasant gas that will give you a feeling of euphoria.

In addition to sedation, we have a full list of patient amenities you’re welcome to take advantage of, including:

  • Heated pillows for head and neck support
  • Blankets to take away the chill
  • Essential oils for comfort
  • Light dimmers to help you relax
  • Music and streaming services for pleasant distractions

If you’re nervous about your smile care, visit the experts at relieving dental anxiety in Gilbert. Call Scott Condie Dentistry today at 480-485-7585 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.