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TMJ Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

People who suffer with TMJ problems have to endure jaw pain, jaw popping, headaches, and even having their jaw lock into place. If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you visit Scott Condie Dentistry soon to get the Gilbert TMJ treatment you need. Dr. Condie and our staff will be glad to help with your TMJ symptoms. With our multiple treatments, you could soon:

  • Be free from jaw pain and tenderness
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches
  • Talk, eat, and yawn without wincing in pain
  • Reduce tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Sleep better without jaw discomfort

Don’t wait to get the help you need. Call Scott Condie Dentistry today at 480-485-7585 to schedule a consultation.

We Offer More Than One Way to Address TMJ Pain

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your jaw to your skull. They move when you perform common activities like talking and eating. If these joints become inflamed or irritated, they can cause you quite a bit of pain. In some cases, your jaw can even lock into place, making it difficult to open or close your mouth.

While some dentists rely only on standard TMJ mouthguards to treat their patients, Dr. Condie also offers other treatments to help with your discomfort. He and our team have been treating TMJ patients for years, and over that time we have accumulated a great deal of valuable experience. For eliminating pain and helping our patients feel better, we offer:

  • TMJ Mouthguards – This is the classic treatment that works well for many patients. We can have a custom-fitted TMJ appliance made that will sit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep. It will move your lower jaw forward slightly to relieve tension on your TMJs. As a result, your jaw joints can begin to heal and your jaw will feel better. The appliance will also prevent harmful teeth grinding that can damage your tooth enamel.
  • K7 Neuromuscular Evaluation System – Depending on your situation and symptoms, Dr. Condie may recommend using the K7 Evaluation System. This advanced technology allows us to create 3-D images of your jaw when opening and closing. With these images, we can analyze how your bite aligns and how your jaw should be adjusted. We’ll make an appliance to stabilize your jaw muscles and eliminate your TMJ symptoms.
  • TENS Therapy – TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. With this type of therapy, we’ll send low-frequency electrical currents to specific areas of your jaw muscles. This will stimulate the nerve pathways and help relax these muscles. As a result your TMJ symptoms will diminish.

At your initial consultation and exam, Dr. Condie will cover these treatments in more detail and make recommendations to help you get the relief you need.

For TMJ treatment in Gilbert, call Scott Condie Dentistry today at 480-485-7585 for an appointment. You can also schedule online. Don’t forget to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam as well!

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Does TMJ treatment work?

Yes, our TMJ treatment has been able to help many patients over the years relieve their pain for good. No matter which type of treatment you end up using, the team here at Scott Condie Dentistry will make sure it’s the right one for you. Besides you, no one wants your treatment to be successful more than we do.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

We understand you want to end the pain caused by a TMJ disorder as soon as you can. The truth is that treatment can take weeks or months depending on the severity of your situation and what needs to be done. For many patients, an oral appliance is the perfect solution. For others, TENS treatment or an appliance to stabilize the jaw muscles may be needed.

Will insurance pay for my TMJ treatment?

Your insurance may pay for part of your TMJ treatment. We can help determine what your plan will and won’t cover and what your portion of the cost may be. Keep in mind that we offer financing options to help pay for your treatment. We work with CareCredit, LendingClub, and Sunbit, which have low-interest payment plans.

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